messari analyst

Messari analyst warns about Binance Smart Chain centralization

Messari, one of the largest research companies in the cryptocurrency industry, criticized the recent rise in Binance’s currency, BNB. The blockchain platform of the largest brokerage firm in the world, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is one of the big reasons behind Binance Coin’s rise.

Binance Announces

Binance announces new Futures

Binance announces new Futures. They will launch USDT-margined SC contracts with up to 25x leverage, COIN-margined UNI, THETA, and XLM contracts with up to 25x leverage, and Leveraged Tokens BCHUP, BCHDOWN, 1INCHUP, 1INCHDOWN.

Uniswap V3

Uniswap V3 is almost here. Check what’s new

The third version of Uniswap, the main DeFi Crypto Exchange (DEX), is almost here.
In the Core of the update, it is the capacity of the liquidity providers (LP) to form markets in customized price ranges, an approach called “concentrated liquidity”.