What is Biswap? Biswap is a new DEX with a strategic investment from Binance Labs. The Dex has unique features that make the exchange special, such as low fees (almost non-existent) and a referral system.

Biswap has been making a name for itself and its BSW token in Binance Smart Chain in the past few months. 

The decentralized exchange appeals to over 21,000 active user wallets every week, with a total value of over $310 million. 

Binance Labs announced a strategic investment in Biswap Exchange, which we will discuss later in this article.

Biswap is currently trading at  $0.995623 with a trading volume of $178,979 in the past 24h, and has a total supply of 700 000 000 BSW.

What is Biswap?

Biswap is considered the first decentralized exchange platform on the market, along with a 3-type referral system and the lowest platform transaction fees (0.1 percent). 

They are a decentralized exchange platform intended for swapping BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. That network assures top-notch speed and lowers network transaction costs. 

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What is Biswap? Is the DEX with lower fees and high APY Rewards - Crypto DeFinance
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What is Biswap? Is the DEX with lower fees and high APY Rewards - Crypto DeFinance

On top of that, BiSwap enables the user to swap tokens for free, as users get the related costs of their trading fees in the BSW tokens. 

Take note that Transaction Fee Mining is the major game-changer on the BiSwap platform, offering all users the capability to gain BSW by trading and engaging with the platform.

That brings more BSW into the market and staking and farming functionalities. That said, BiSwap regularly burns a part of its token supply to make scarcity. 

You see, the platform utilizes fifty percent of the trading costs to purchase back tokens from the market and burn such tokens. 

Further, every reward from unregistered referrals is burned in the weekly BWS token burning. 

There is also a 1.99 percent performance cost from every harvest in the BSW Auto Compound pool. Those are burned every week. Ultimately, they burn thirteen percent of all sales of their lottery tickets. 

Binance Labs and the Strategic investment in Biswap

What is Biswap? Biswap is a new DEX with a strategic investment from Binance Labs. The Dex has unique features that make the exchange very special such as very low fees (almost non-existent) and a referral system.

Binance Labs has announced a strategic investment in Biswap, a popular DEX with splendid features in the Binance Smart Chain.

Biswap is a winner of Binance Smart Chain’s Most Valuable Builder (MVB) II initiative, a worldwide competition that rewards developers and BUIDLers on BSC.

“Biswap is one of the most innovative and popular projects on Binance Smart Chain, and this investment is in line with Binance Labs’ ongoing initiative to promote DeFi and blockchain infrastructure. Binance Labs has always been committed to supporting fast-executing, technical teams who have the potential to positively impact the crypto space, build decentralized web, and help the BSC ecosystem grow.”

Nicole Zhang, Director of Binance Labs, said in the announcement.

Connecting to BiSwap: How Does It Work?

Registration is not needed to begin working with BiSwap. 

As we mentioned earlier, Biswap is 100% decentralized, meaning you can transact by simply connecting your wallet to the platform. 

To do that, click Connect Wallet and choose the wallet you wish to connect. 

The good thing about using a decentralized exchange like BiSwap is that your funds will be immediately in your wallet when you decide to withdraw them. 

If you plan to use Trust Wallet, you must access the app browser and access Biswap. After that, choose Binance Smart Chain as your blockchain and link your wallet. 

Features of BiSwap Exchange

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Some Biswap Benefits // Source: Biswap

BiSwap Exchange offers a wide array of features to its users. Some of them are the following:

  •  Launchpools – The platform interface provides users a chance to earn more BSW and other tokens by staking BSW in applicable launchpools on BiSwap. You will find two types of pools in that matter: an auto-compounding pool and a non-compounding tool. Both of these have competitive interest rates. On top of BSW, the launch pool enables you to farm tokens such as BUSD, CAKE, DOGE, and more. 

  •  Yield Farming – You will find different farms on the BiSwap website. That means you can take your LP tokens in any of them and double your rewards. 
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  • Liquidity Mining – You can present liquidity into any of the pools on the BiSwap Exchange platform. To do that, click the Add Liquidity button located on the Liquidity tab of the website. Choose the pool you like to give liquidity into and be distributed a liquidity provider token that you can stake on the BiSwap farms. You can also get a share of the trading fees produced from that pool apart from BSW. 

  •  Referral Program – You can earn from your referrals on BSC in three different ways. You earn a share of their trading fees, five percent of their farms, and launch pool rewards. Furthermore, the rewards come from the regular BSW block emissions, as a total of 4.3 percent of the overall tokenomics. 

  •  Transaction Mining – This is a cashback program intended for traders, allowing them to get at least 100% of their trading payments back as BSW tokens. The platform already provides a low transaction fee rate of 0.1 percent. With this feature, the fee becomes lower to even non-existent in other cases. 

  •  Competitions – BiSwap also schedules trading and other competitions to reward users, interact with the community, and expose new exchange listings. 

Biswap Roadmap

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Biswap Roadmap: Source: Biswap

Biswap Robi (RB) NFT’s

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Biswap Robi NFT // Source: Biswap

Biswap provides an NFT launchpad to stake NFTs in an NFT Staking Pool.

With Biswap NFT Earn & NFT Collection, you will be able to purchase, sell and stake the Robi NFTs. Each one is unique in its characteristics.

Robi NFTs will have the option to be upgraded, providing their owners to stake them and earn high APY. 

The levels of Robi’s are:

1st level: In this level, Robi NFTs are on a light grey background. They are like a blank canvas. This Robi has a distinctive style and looks at you through colored eyes. 

2nd level: Robi NFTs are on the green background in this level. Just like the ground in the spring.

3rd level: Robi NFTs are on the blue background in this level. This Robi, in addition to stylish clothes and bright eyes, meets you with different hats. There are also other fancy elements in the background. 

4th level: Robi NFTs are on the violet background in this level. These cosmic Robbies have already reached space heights. Also, these NFTs combine various elements which are randomly generated from other NFTs.

5th level:  In this level, Robi NFTs have one yellow backdrop. These outstanding Robbies continue to rise through the ranks.

6th level: Robi NFTs have a flaming red background in this level. These Robbies have the energy of a Supernova explosion giving HUGE profits in staking. They also have aspects that distinguish them from other NFTs. It will help you maintain your identity as an NFT owner while also emphasizing the exclusivity of your NFTs.

Every Robi is generated randomly, and the APR on NFT Staking is different depending on the level of the NFT, and these pools will work as any other pools, but with NFTs.

How to Use the Biswap NFT Staking Pools?

To multiply your assets, you have to:

– Get Biswap NFT
– Stake Biswap NFT in NFT Staking Pool
– Earn tokens: BSW, BNB, USDT, and other eminent tokens as the crypto earn will expand in the NFT Staking pool. 

APR depends on the available number of Robi Boosts in NFTs which are staked in the NFT Staking Pool:

  • If the total staked RB is between 0 and 250 000 — the total APR will be calculated from daily distribution 2 500 BSW, 500 USDT, and 1 BNB.

  • If the total staked RB is between 250 001 and 500 000 — the total APR will be calculated from daily distribution 5 000 BSW, 700 USDT, and 1,4 BNB.

  • If the total staked RB is between 500 001 and 1 000 000 total — APR will be calculated from daily distribution 7 500 BSW, 1 000 USDT, and 2 BNB.

  • If the total staked, RB is between 1 000 001 and 2 000 000 total APR will be calculated from daily distribution 15 000 BSW, 1400 USDT, and 2,7 BNB.
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  • If the total staked, RB is between 2 000 001 and 4 000 000 total APR will be calculated from daily distribution 30 000 BSW, 1700 USDT, and 3,4 BNB.

  • If the total staked, RB is between 4 000 001 and 6 000 000 total APR will be calculated from daily distribution 40 000 BSW, 2000 USDT, and 4 BNB.

  • If the total staked, RB is between 6 000 001 and 12 000 000 total APR will be calculated from daily distribution 60 000 BSW, 2400 USDT, and 4,7 BNB.

Total APR of NFT Staking Pool includes APR for three tokens simultaneously.

Biswap Robi (RB) NFT Staking Pool APR calculation

This example is based on the following indicators:

Total Staked RB:

  • 398 039

Daily Distribution:

  • 5 000 BSW
  • 3 WBNB
  • 2 000 USDT


Let’s convert Total Staked RB into $ equivalent:

  • 397,905 (total amount of RBs staked in the pool) x 1.5 (1 RB = $1.5) = $596,857

Converting BSW Daily Distribution into $ equivalent:

  • 5000 BSW x 365 (days) x $1.243 (current BSW exchange rate) = $2,268,475

Converting WBNB Daily Distribution into $ equivalent:

  • 3 WBNB x 365 (days) x $648 (current BNB exchange rate) = $709,560

Converting USDT Daily Distribution into $ equivalent:

  • 2000 USDT x 365 = $730,000

Summarizing it up:

  • 2,268,745 + 709,560 + 730,000 = $3,708,305

The total annual distribution (in dollars) is divided by the number of all staked funds in the NFT Staking Pool:

  • 3,708,305 / 596,857 = 6,2130543832

To get the percentage, we need to multiply this number by 100%

  • APR = 6,2130543832 x 100% = 621,30%

 You can get more info about Biswap Robi NFTs here!

Biswap GameFi – Play to Earn Game

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Biswap Squid NFT World // Source: Biswap

Biswap DEX is creating a Metaverse based on the Squid Game and Play 2 Earn. Biswap is expected to release the new NFT Game between 22 to 29th December 2021.

This ecosystem expansion through the GameFi direction will add much value to the platform and the token. 

The game’s name will be Squid NFT World and is expected to be one of the best Play-to-Earn projects on BSC Network by leading Biswap into the Metaverse and spreading the project and the BSW token utility.

According to the Biswap team, some of the advantages that will be available with the game’s release are as follows:

  • Amplification of Biswap DEX ecosystem
  • New Utilities for BSW Token
  • Innovational Opportunities to Earn crypto
  • Biswap Expansion on BSC
  • Unique Opportunities for BSW Holders
  • Hundreds of Thousands of New Users

Biswap Squid NFT World Gameplay

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Biswap Squid NFT World // Source: Biswap

The game will make use of NFTs and will serve many purposes. The gameplay will be straightforward by requiring just a set of actions.

Investors and players will need to fulfill five conditions to participate in the game:

1. Mint NFT Bus
2. Mint NFT Player(s)
3. Activate the Contract for each Player
4. Staked BSW tokens in the BSW Launchpools on Biswap
5. Play Games

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Biswap Squid NFT World // Source: Biswap

You can get more info about the new NFT Squid Game launched by Biswap here.

Is BiSwap legit and safe?

Certtik has audited BiSwap, and the team keeps an insurance fund, which is planned to compensate users when any losses occur from a hack or exploit of the protocol. 

As of May 2021, one percent of the BWS block reward is deposited into the insurance fund.

What’s more, the platform was considered one of the top ten Binance Most Valuable Builder (MVBII) announced just recently in July 2021. 

Among other things, the program pays close attention to the platform’s security. 


Bottom line

To sum up, BiSwap and its BSW token have placed themselves well to continue their expedition in the world of DeFi. 

The project just launched in May and has increased its footprint ever since. 

Like most other DeFi projects, BiSwap took a hit in late August. Nonetheless, the DeFi sector seems to be finally recovering.

The platform itself may be relatively new, but those numbers demonstrate how effective and promising the team is. 

The growing and active user base, great tokenomics, competent team, advanced features, working product, and profitable farming opportunities make the platform worthy of consideration. 

Other information of Biswap DEX:

Main website: https://www.biswap.org
Squid NFT World: https://squid-nft.io
Biswap Whitepaper: https://docs.biswap.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Biswap_Dex
News Channel: https://t.me/biswap_news
Telegram: http://t.me/biswap
Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/biswap/
Congecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/biswap

Contract address: 0x965f527d9159dce6288a2219db51fc6eef120dd1



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