Automata launch

Automata launched on Binance

The market cap of Automata (symbol: ATA) is now: 268.670.821 Euros. Automata is now launched on Binance Innovation. Started at 7 am (GMT London) and the blockchain increased the value in the first minutes.

holocaust Holocaust testimonies to be preserved on Blockchain

Holocaust testimonies to be preserved on Blockchain

Although it was one of the most striking and sad moments in history, many facts about World War II have already been overlooked and at times are even denied as being real. Now the Holocaust testimonies will be preserved in the Blockchain.


Bitcoin? These 5 cryptocurrencies never worth so much

Bitcoin? These 5 cryptocurrencies were also never worth so much
The bitcoin hit a new record this week, after overcoming the threshold of 50,000 US dollars for the first time, but it is not the only digital currency to transact at peak ever. These five cryptocurrencies have also never been worth as much as they are today. The euphoria of digital currencies is back.