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Submit Press Release Starting from $100.00

If you have a press release you can easily submit it to our press release submission form found below.

If your Press Release is approved and paid, we’ll include it on our main front page and each news post’s sidebar. The post will also feature on our dedicated Press Releases page and our social media.

We accept Press Release Submissions from companies from the following categories:  Cryptocurrency – in general, Blockchain, – in general, Fintech – Crypto Related, Finance – Crypto Related, ICO’s – Crypto-Related.

The cost to Submit a Press Release is as follows:
First solo submission: $100.
Next solo submissions: $50 / Each.

If you are about to do more than 2 PR, you can buy in bulk. Prices as follows:
Pack of 3 PR – $150
Pack of 5 PR – $230
Pack of 10 PR – $450

We offer greater discounts for other bulk press release orders or PR agencies looking to work with us.

Please take note of the following instructions:

• Please specify a publishing time at least 24 hours in advance (GMT, London time zone).
• Keep your title (headline) short (max 100 characters) and make it relevant (make sure to mention the service/product brand name in your title/headline).
• Indicate links in brackets (max 2 URLs), or use the GDoc URL option and indicate links in your Google Doc (max 10 URLs).
• Exclamation marks are not allowed in titles.
• News category words like “Review, Test, Report, Interview, Guide” are not allowed in PRs’ titles or sponsored posts’ titles. Do not word your PR like it was written by our editorial staff. Make sure to follow standard PR guidelines, or apply for our Sponsored post option.
• PRs should contain zero formattings as they are syndicated worldwide in many different contexts. If you need bold text, bigger subtitles, inline images, and another post formatting, please choose the Sponsored Post option.
• Max Length – PR: 800 words. Sponsored Post: 1500 words.
• Remember to add a relevant featured image (1280px width and 720px height), for display above the post and in the list view to the right on the news front page and news posts sidebars.
• No more than 100 characters of text in the pic max including logo. Only 1 image is allowed (the featured one, which will also show up on our front page). No inline images are allowed in PRs.
• Submission does not in any way guarantee approval and publication.
• Again, please follow standard PR guidelines. Your PR should mainly and immediately reference your own product/service/brand and not others.

To add our news feed to your site including PRs use this RSS feed:

After your submission, please wait for an email with a confirmation of approval, which will include instructions on how to pay.
We accept BTC, ETH, and BNB only.
No fiat, bank transfers, cheques, PayPal, or similar.

We allow a maximum of 2 PR per entity/event per week (Mon to Fri) and 1 PR entity/event per weekend (Sat to Sun).

Anyway, you can ask us to release on a specific date and time and while we cannot guarantee it we will do our best to fulfill your requests.

    Please Note:
  • Our editorial team may edit your content or change its structure to improve its appeal to our audience. (In any case, we always try to keep the structure you provide to us).
  • CryptoDeFinance reserves the right to reject press releases that promote inappropriate or fraudulent products and services. In some cases, the verification process may take more than 24 hours after the content is submitted.