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Earn Money Playing Games

Yield Farming is one of the main innovations brought by decentralized finance (DeFi) to the cryptocurrency market. And, without a doubt, it was one of the reasons for the explosion of these projects in the year 2020. So if you want to know more about what is Yield Farming, read further.

So, you want to know a little more about what are Liquidity Pools and how they work in the Defi Market?! In a small resume, Liquidity pools are the foundation of automated revenue-generating platforms. There are probably many other uses for them that have not yet been discovered. Read further to learn more.

There are some differences between CBDC and cryptocurrencies, being some more obvious than others such as digital currencies, payment methods, fiat currency, and others. Cryptocurrency is somewhat decentralized while CBDC’s don’t. Check the article to find out more.

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