Here is a 10 step guide to buying Nexo Tokens on Uniswap.
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1) Go to in your browser and click connect wallet

Go to then connect your wallet

2) Select the method by which you will connect. Here, we are using a browser-integrated Metamask wallet, but you can connect however you like


3) Then you’ll need to sign in to your wallet

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4) Then, you’ll click on the top part of your uniswap interface. Then you can search for NEXO and choose the correct token from the list

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5) Then you need to select the token you are exchanging for Nexo tokens. Could be ETH, a stablecoin, or whatever you want


6) You can choose it from the list


7) Then you’ll need to switch the order in the uniswap interface so you’re switching what you have for Nexo


8) Now you type how much of your original token you want to exchange for Nexo. Then you can click swap.


9) You can click “confirm swap” and it will send the transaction to your wallet


10) It will send it to your wallet. You can confirm you will pay the tx fees and viola, you have Nexo once the transaction is confirmed.


Hope this helps people who were not sure how to get or buy Nexo tokens.

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