is the world’s first fan voting and reward platform that helps sports organizations achieve digital transformation through blockchain technology.

1.- What is the APP?
2.- What is the Token Chiliz ($CHZ)?
3.- What are the Chilliz Fan Tokens really for?
4.-Which are the wallets that support Chilliz $CHZ?

What is the APP?

unnamed - Crypto DeFinance is powered by the Chiliz token ($ CHZ), an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain, and the BEP-2 token on the Binance Chain. Fan tokens are specific to a team or club and are a finite digital asset that provides access to an encrypted and immutable record of ownership of voting and association rights.

The tokenized fan voting platform uses Fan Tokens, which operate on a separate authorized side chain. Fan Tokens are limited in number and are fungible, which means that your property can be traded and its price is determined by the market. is the world’s first fan voting and reward platform that helps sports organizations achieve digital transformation through blockchain technology.

The Socios platform is one of the most active conventional consumer and non-financial blockchain products in the world. In just over a year, it was downloaded by more than 370,000 people, had more than 14 million Fan Tokens sold, and more than 700,000 votes registered on the blockchain. The Barcelona Fan Token (FTO) offer sold out in 20 minutes, generating US$1.3 million, while the Turkish team’s Trabzonspor FTO generated 5 million Turkish lira in less than 5 minutes.

What is the Token Chiliz ($CHZ)?


Chiliz (CHZ) is a token that powers the platform and has the ticker $CHZ, where several sports teams create their own tokens for the engagement of their fans.

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The project was inspired by the management structures led by fans or “partners” of some of the main football clubs. Nicknamed “Partners 2.0”.

In 2018, Chilliz raised all the necessary funds, about US$66 Million through private placement. There never was or never will be any kind of public token sale.

In which exchanges we can buy the token Chilliz $CHZ?
As per CoinMarketCap, you can find $CHZ at:
– Binance
– Huobi Global
– Kucoin
– BitFinex
– Okex

Just to name a few, however, you can check the full list HERE!
Binance is also a strategic partner and investor of Chilliz.

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Some of the Chiliz and Socios participants include clubs such as Barcelona (ESP), Juventus (ITA), PSG (FRA), Rome (ITA), Atletico de Madrid (ESP), Galatasaray (TUR), among others. The platform also has partnerships with other sports organizations, such as the UFC and the e-sports teams OG and NAVI.

What are the Chilliz fan tokens really for?

The purpose of the fan token is defined by each club. One of the votes that Milan token holders ($ ACM) will be able to participate in will be to choose the type of customization that will be done in the team’s locker rooms.

A little more interesting, the Apollon Limassol football team allowed holders of its token to define the 11 holders of a friendly match.

In addition, there are also several product sweepstakes and experiences that fan token holders can participate in.

Holders have the possibility to “own” small pieces of their beloved teams.

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Which are the wallets that support Chilliz $CHZ?

As a token of the Ethereum network, you can use any wallet that supports the ERC-20 standard. The wallets recommended by the Chilliz website are ZenGO and Trust Wallet. There is also the possibility to store your CHZ on hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger Nano S.

If you need to know more, you can check the full FAQ of the Socios and Chilliz token HERE

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