Blockstream launched Jade wallet, with open-source technology cryptocurrency portfolio developed by the company . The announcement was released on January 3, Bitcoin’s 12-year anniversary.

“We are pleased to announce Jade, our new open source hardware portfolio for storing Bitcoin and Liquid assets. If you are going to prove your keys, it is better to do so with a hardware wallet. ”, Announced the company.

Decentralized portfolio

Blockstream launched Jade, a wallet with open-source technology cryptocurrency portfolio developed by the company. The announcement was released on January 3, Bitcoin's 12-year anniversary.

The 3rd of January is also known as the Proof Of Keys. The date is a way to remind Bitcoin owners to always control their wallets.

This practice was highlighted by Blockstream in the launch announcement. However, the company also warned of the risks of using hardware portfolios.

“Self-custody is essential to using Bitcoin correctly. As we all know, trusted third parties are security holes. But storing your keys on a device connected to the Internet can expose your keys to malware risks, ”said the company.

With an elegant design and open software technology, Jade allows the storage of Bitcoin, USDT. It also stores crypto-assets created on Liquid, a network maintained by Blockstream.

Jade also provides additional protection for the keys through the “Multisig Shield.” This means, in addition to the private key, two-factor authentication (2FA) to sign transactions.

Without connecting to the computer

Another advantage created by Blockstream is the possibility of making transactions directly through the portfolio. With that, it will not be necessary to connect Jade to a computer. Transactions can be made using QR codes.

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With this innovation, Jade promises to bring the security of a hardware wallet combined with the convenience of an online wallet. This feature is not yet available, but Blockstream has said it will launch it in wallet updates.

The device can be purchased from the official Blockstream store. The price is $39.99, about $200 at the current price. Deliveries will begin on January 20.


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