SEA Token Project is a deflationary cryptocurrency designed to feed organizations working to save our seas with financial resources, and to support the development of our environmental dApps.

So, with so many deflationary cryptocurrency projects out there, there is one that stands out from all the others. Sea Token.

According to common knowledge, we have 10 years to save the oceans. From overfishing to global warming, to acidification of water, to pollution by oil, chemicals, and waste, and also to the destruction of habitats, the long-term consequences, both for the oceans and planet earth, are immeasurable. Across the planet, several organizations are trying to tackle this problem however governmental priorities are constantly changing funds too.
And this is where Sea Token comes into play.

With the motto “NO WATER, NO LIFE. NO BLUE, NO GREEN (SYLVIA EARLE) ”, this project has two objectives:

  1. Reduce the resources to collect, analyze and share information regarding ocean quality worldwide, which involves building more accessible ways for people to enter their data regarding the location of the oceans, simpler and more efficient ways for data to be processed and read by the public.
  2. Increase the financial resources available to organizations.

  1. SEA Token Tokenomics
  2. Sea Token Whitepaper
  3. The Sea Token dapps
  4. Where and how to buy Sea Token?
  5. Officially supported organizations by the SEA Token

SEA Token Tokenomics

Total supply: 200,000,000
Initial burn: 80,000,000 (40%) (locked on Unicrypt)
Liquidity: 40,000,000

With each transaction:

2% to partners to protect our oceans
2% distributed to all holders
1% locked into liquidity forever


Contract Adress: 0xFB52FC1f90Dd2B070B9Cf7ad68ac3d68905643fa
Contract audited by Techrate

Liquidity lock:

Social Media:


Marketing plans: SEA Token devs are working with several influencers (check SEA Token Twitter), are running banner ads across a wide range of crypto websites (such as Poocharts), and actively building their social networks.

Token listing plans: CoinMarketCap application submitted 27/04/2021, and SEA Token is waiting for Pancakeswap Info to update to a sufficiently recent block before they can submit to CoinGecko. Also, Blockfolio will add a listing for upvotes as soon SEA token devs have enough people on their socials – upvoting must be quick and decisive.

Transparency/trust: SEA Token, is a registered Community Interest Company with charitable aims. The organization and team is fully public, as are their accounts and reports.


SEA Token is deflationaryauto-farmingfully decentralised and transparent.

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  • 40% of the total supply  (80,000,000 tokens) was burned at the launch, by sending them to the address 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD, also known as the “black hole”;
  •  2% yield from every transaction is also burnt resulting in an ever decreasing supply, and an ever-rising price floor;
  • As per SEA Tokenomics, it is possible that someday there will be there no tokens to be distributed, but that will not happen until 2037; (10 years are what it takes for SEA Token to save the Oceans) Or they can do it, or they fail;


  • 2% of every transaction is shared between holders. Holders of SEA Tokens pay zero gas fees, and receive a share of the yield automatically every time a transaction happens;


  • 10% of the total supply, are put into marketing and listing fees, to make sure SEA gets the exposure it deserves;
  • 20% are locked into liquidity for a year using Unicrypt – by the time it becomes unlocked, it will have been more than replaced by the 1% liquidity tax. 40% was burned to make SEA deflationary;
  • 30% of remaining tokens are locked in a 6-12 month vesting schedule, to fund the development and deployment of SEA dapps.
  • 100% of the total supply will be owned by the community, with zero tokens held by the team, at the time Dapps are deployed.


  • The SEA Token project is run by SEA TOKEN CIC, a community interest company based in the UK;
  • The team structure is transparent, SEA accounts are public, and the progress as their teamwork towards our ocean protection goals is well documented.
  • Full details of the yield sent to the charity wallet, and how it is distributed, are available on the Sea Token website at all times. You can check the list of charity fund distributions here.


The SEA Token smart contract was audited by Techrate and you check the full report here.

SEA Token Whitepaper

Or if you prefer you can check directly on their website, here: SEA Token

The Sea Token dapps

SEA Token Project is a deflationary cryptocurrency designed to feed organizations working to save our seas with financial resources, and to support the development of our environmental dApps.
Sea Token Project: The new project aimed to save our seas - Crypto DeFinance

According to the Sea Token Whitepaper, to solve point number 1, there are some Dapps that are being created for this purpose by the team of this cryptocurrency, such as:

  1. SEAscore – a Dapp for collecting ocean water quality data, such as pollution levels, temperature, eco-acoustic data, habitat observations, and other essential key data. It will be for use by anyone who has access to the internet and will be available free of charge for Android and IOS.
  2. SeaHub – a Dapp that receives, hosts, and classifies the data sent by SEAscore. It can be used to extrapolate information from huge databases to recognize ocean quality data as well as to identify and predict emergencies in the ocean.
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For this, SEA Token developers are creating an AI pool with filters to:

  • Identify potentially false or misleading data
  • Differentiate between “incorrect” data and genuine data indicating extreme environmental
  • Group data into “buckets” for faster and easier quantification and trend analysis
  • Automatically rate data quality and relevance
  • Connect/curate data streams to/for individuals

SEAhub will be available for Windows and Mac through an online interface.

3. SEAsignals – a Dapp designed to form output for the conclusions of analysis on SEAhub and will be designed to share the informality for the Media, Government agencies, mailing lists, social media, etc.

According to the developers and their Whitepaper, with the use of these applications, it will be possible to build a flexible path in real-time of information flow created by people with the same mindset around the world, to be analyzed and disseminated economically and efficiently.

To solve objective number 2, there is the SEA Token, which is a deflationary cryptocurrency, designed to provide organizations working in our seas with financial resources to carry out the protection of the Oceans.

Where and how to buy Sea Token?

For now, you can buy SEA Token in Pancakeswap. SEA Token devs are planning to list SEA Token in the future on multiple exchanges. Devs claim they will keep investors well informed.

You can access through here:

Officially supported organizations by the SEA Token

The SEA Token teamwork with these organisations in two ways:

  • to provide funds;
  • to spread the word.

Every month, the 2% taken from transactions is distributed according to which of our partners has priority needs that month.

The organizations are the following:

sea token



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