Interview with the Founder of Sea Token, a fair launched deflationary Token meant to help recover and ultimately save our oceans.

As we mentioned in the article “Sea Token: The new project aimed to save our seas”, SEA Token is a deflationary cryptocurrency designed to feed organizations working to save our seas with financial resources, and to support the development of Sea Token environmental dApps.

About the problem we all have at hand, which is the state Planet Earth seas, which has been increasingly slaughtered by the Human Being, and it is the Human Being who has the primary obligation to protect this ecosystem that contributes a lot to the whole life on the planet.

“I don’t think we can overstate the importance and urgency of protecting and restoring our oceans – without healthy oceans, nothing on earth can survive. The targets being set by governments are too vague and distant, and the only people really working to address the emergency with enough speed and clarity are organizations like Sea Shepherd, Oceanic Preservation Society, Coral Reef Alliance, 5 Gyres, GreenWave, FishAct, Project AWARE, and Gili Eco Trust. But these organizations urgently need resources, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

James Brichall, CEO of Sea Token

In this Written Interview from Sea Token CEO to CryptoDeFinance, we will know a little more about the team, the project, the partners, and what the future holds about Sea Token.

Q. Can we know who is the team behind of Sea Token and their roles?

A. Sure – there’s me (CEO James Birchall), our CTO Hame, Teodora our Project Manager, our Marketing Officer Elza.
Additionally, we work with a large group of specialists, consultants, and advisors in ocean conservation, smart contract development, dApp development, environmental data, ecoacoustics, and numerous other fields.

Q. There are a lot of mentions in the social media and also in the Sea Token Telegram about the devs being “Doxxed”. Do you want to comment about this? Do you think this will bring some sort of legitimacy to the project?

A. On the one hand, it’s important to have transparency in legitimate cryptocurrency projects right now because of the sheer scale and quantity of scam projects emerging every day. But I think “doxxing” as a concept can really only apply to bodies or structures which have at some point been anonymous – we are a registered nonprofit, our team, accounts, and processes are public and transparent – we’ve never been anything other than a fully accountable public organization.
You don’t need to doxx Sea Shepherd, or Greenpeace, or your local bakery – they are already public, you know who they are, you know who works there, there’s nothing to “doxx”. The same applies to us. We are a public organization.

Q. Reading your Sea Token whitepaper, it is possible to see that you are a legally registered UK-based company. So, how did this project came about? Are the team activists or regular people who are very alarmed regarding the over-fishing, ocean pollution, destruction of Sea ecosystems, etc..)?

A. All of our team have backgrounds in environmental work, from frontline activism to cultural and scientific work. Personally, my background is more cultural – I’ve spent many years organizing and taking part in arts and music-based projects around environmental and activist themes.

Q. How long did it take from the idea to the launch of the project?

A. We began thinking about the project at the end of 2020, formed the working group in January, incorporated the company in March, and launched at the end of April.

Q. When did the project was launched? There was any ICO? Did the launch went smooth?

A. We launched on April 26th, without an ICO. We feel that the culture of ICO’s has become problematic for legitimate projects recently – there’s nothing inherently wrong with ICO’s, but the way they’re being utilized at the moment is not always the best outcome for investors. We wanted to make the introduction of SEA Token more organic, so we fair-launched with liquidity raised from real-world fundraising. We hit a $2m market cap within hours.

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Q. What does Sea Token resolve and what is this coin so different than the others that already exist. And of course, why this project should be chosen above all the others.

A. I believe that the token itself is unique in the level and quality of partnerships we’ve formed, and the potential to make immediate and impactful change on our oceans. Our dApp suite, however, is also a huge value proposition – the way that environmental data is being gathered and processed right now has immense room for improvement, and so our dApps (SEAscore, SEAhub, and SEAsignal) will make a huge impact on this space. Check the whitepaper for more info on the dApps

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Q. There is a “Donations” page on the Sea Token website. Have you started to donate already? If not,
when and to who you plan to make the next donation?

A. Yes, we’re still getting round a few teething problems – not all of our partners have worked with crypto before, some don’t have wallets, etc – but donations are flowing.

Interview with the Founder of Sea Token
- Roadmap
Sea Token Roadmap (from Sea Token Whitepaper)

Q. Considering the total Max Supply of 200,000,000 SEA Tokens, of which 40% were already burned (80,000,000 SEA Tokens burned), and also another 1% locked forever in liquidity, after each transaction, in a couple of years there will be a time where the amount of token will be scarce.
Do you have plans to move to another consensus algorithm in the future, or the Token will be expected to almost disappear in a couple of years?

A. We’re not talking about a couple of years – by our estimates, SEA Token scarcity would not emerge until more than 15 years from now. Given that we have only 10 years to save the oceans, by the time scarcity of SEA Tokens becomes a problem we will be in one of two positions: either (1) we will have solved the problems threatening our seas, in which case we will be in a great position to assess the token scarcity and consider
new options, or (2) we will not have saved our oceans, life on earth will be threatened, and the scarcity of SEA Tokens will be pretty low on our list of priorities.

Q. Sea Token is now Audited. It was as expected? There were any setbacks or thing went smooth as expected?

A. Yes, the audit was perfect – here it is:

Interview with the Founder of Sea Token
- audit passed

Q. You have already many solid partners, such as Sea Shepperd, Oceanic Preservation Society, Coral Reef Alliance, among others. How will these partnerships collaborate with SEA Token (or vice versa) and in which terms?

A. Our focus is to provide our partners with the resources they need to fight ocean degradation, amplify their message, and help them do what they do. As our dApp suite progresses, we will be working with our partners to test, refine and deploy the dApps.

Q. Was it too complicated to get partners to join Sea Token?

A. It’s always complicated to bridge the gap between centralized organizations and decentralized methods. But we share a core goal with our partners – protecting and restoring our oceans – so the objects were not difficult to overcome.

Q. Are there any investors who have joined Sea Token but are not mentioned on your webpage? If
so, do you plan to add them to the partnership page?

A. Just to be clear – our partners are not investors – we send resources to them. We’re talking to several other organizations not currently publicized – there are so many amazing organizations working in this field – and we will publicize info on our website, Twitter, Telegram, etc whenever there’s a new official partner.

Q. What is the guarantee that the partners that are currently holding SEA Token will not dump?

A. Partners do not hold SEA Token – the charity donation is converted to BNB in small enough amounts to not impact the token price, and is sent to them in BNB or fiat.

Q. There will be any other blockchains integration? Or BSC will be the main one that Sea Token will use?

A. For now, we have no plans to deploy SEA Token on other chains – however, this is constantly under revision, and could certainly change once we get into deeper development of the dApp suite.

Q. Will you plan to create any own exchange or you will just list on the exchanges that already
exist? If so there are any submissions that you can tell us now?

A. We have no plans to create an exchange – this is a common route for tokens seeking new models of utility, but our use cases are already established. We were listed on ConMarketCap today, CoinGecko submitted, and we’re in very early-stage discussions with a few CEX’s.

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Q. Do you have any other priorities in regards this project? Which ones?

A. Right now we’re focusing on spreading the word about SEA Token and getting our project in front of as many people as possible. At the same time, we’re moving ahead with the development of our dApps – it’s a huge project with a long development schedule, but the need for this tech is urgent, and we can’t afford to slow down.

Q. How much do the token has achieved in so little time after launch? Any previsions for the future?

A. You’re right, we really just began this project – things move so quickly in crypto, it’s easy for investors – particularly new investors – to get pulled into expectations of sudden, enormous profits and projects with no real use case which explode and disappear – it’s also too easy to get the rug pulled from under you.
Whilst we want to do our very best for our investors, we also want to grow this project organically, to make sure we have longevity. We want to continue to provide value for investors, in the long run, keep generating resources for our partners, and make sure we solve the environmental data problem.

Q. Will you host any AMA for the investors? If yes, where and when?

A. We just held an AMA with AMALoversClub – check the recap:

Q. How has the company evolved during the pandemic? How Sea Token devs managed to keep
the objectives?

A. Our team is international, composed of specialists from around the world; our partners are also based all around the globe. So, whilst the pandemic has of course affected everyone, and continues to affect everyone, our working processes are pretty much the same as they would have been anyway…

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Q. What can we hope to see from Sea Token in the future?

A. We’re really just getting started – in the short term, the marketing plans we’re rolling out will see an explosion of new holders and market cap increases, new token listings, and some big players in the crypto media space speaking out in support of the project.
In the medium term, we’ll start to hear some stories of the impact that the additional resources are having on our partners, while we consolidate our position, and continue developing the dApps.
We’re also working on a couple of interesting potential use cases for the token including a Kickstarter for environmental projects, and token-based retail for our partners.
In the long term, we expect our dApp suite to revolutionize the way we gather, analyze and distribute environmental data.

Q. Do you want to add anything else that you may think is pertinent regarding the token, the cause or even to reassure the investors about the project?

A. I would just add that, as we all know, right now we’re in an extremely exciting and dynamic
time for crypto – this bull run is doing amazing things for a lot of people, driving some
incredible projects forward, and growing the crypto community daily.
We’re grateful for this incredible moment and thrilled to be part of it, but we need to look beyond it to see how the projects emerging in this ecosystem (including ours) are going to make an impact in the long term. The future for crypto as a way to address problems like ocean degradation is huge – watch this space!

Thank you very much for the interview, and good luck with your project and to help saving our Seas!

Sea Token Tokenomics and Social:

Total supply: 200,000,000
Initial burn: 80,000,000 (40%) (locked on Unicrypt)
Liquidity: 40,000,000

With each transaction:
2% to partners to protect our oceans
2% distributed to all holders
1% locked into liquidity forever


Contract Adress: 0xFB52FC1f90Dd2B070B9Cf7ad68ac3d68905643fa
Contract audited by Techrate

Liquidity lock:

Project development wallet split into 3: locked 33% for 6 months, and locked 33% for 12 months.
Lock contract:
Lock ID 1 contains 18860000 SEA, unlocks Wed Apr 27 2022 13:34:51 GMT+0000
Lock ID 2 contains 18860000 SEA, unlocks Tue Oct 26 2021 23:00:01 GMT+0000

Social Media and Website:

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