UFC announces a historic partnership with Crypto.com. This partnership has a value worth of US$175 million and a duration of 10 years.

The Crypto.com platform continues to grow in the market and gain more partners to expose its brand to ever-larger groups. In its most recent partnership, considered history because of its value, the company will be the official partner of the UFC, with a contract worth US$175 million and a duration of 10 years. With this, the brand will be exposed to millions of fans of the martial arts championship.

According to the brokerage’s official blog, the platform will be the first UFC cryptomarket partner. The partnership also ensures that it competes for the official “fight kit”. This means that the Crypto.com logo will be on different pieces of clothing for the athletes, as well as appearing on the famous octagon.

According to ESPN sources, the contract value will be one of the most lucrative in UFC history. 

The Crypto.com blog quoted Dana White, UFC president, as saying she is excited about the partnership, not only because of the benefit to the UFC but also for the benefit of the cryptocurrency platform.

“This is a partnership between two companies that are the best at what they do. No company has done more to grow the sport’s popularity than the UFC and is now one of the biggest sports brands on the planet. We can help Crypto.com reach more people around the world through the strength of our brand.”

UFC announces a historic partnership with Crypto.com. This partnership has a value worth of US$175 million and a duration of 10 years.
UFC announces a historic partnership with Crypto.com - Crypto DeFinance

Crypto.com’s partnership is also a great opportunity to join forces as such a big brand to bring the platform’s name to more people and help accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies, according to Kris Marszalek, co-founder, and CEO of Crypto .with.

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“This is a historic moment, as the cryptocurrency platform has grown to join forces with a popular sport that will help accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrencies. This is just the beginning of a long relationship with the UFC and we are excited for what we can build in the future.”

In addition to the UFC, Crypto.com has also entered into a partnership with the Aston Martin Formula 1 team. With these agreements and contracts, Crypto.com continues with great exposure to a large audience, causing the platform to grow considerably in the last few years. months.

The idea of ​​getting the company’s name to an audience connected to the sport seems to be working, making the name increasingly recognized globally.


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