Another week in which the Cryptocurrencies come close to the tops but seem to lose power.
Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP are examples, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS among others then sought the top. Uncertainty dominates. Analysis by Tradingview

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Bitcoin fights resistance to US$60,000. The flagship cryptocurrency is hovering slightly above US$59,000 after exiting a downward parallel channel.

This cryptocurrency upward trend was validated by the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator on the four-hour chart. In addition to the indicator moving upwards in the positive region, the MACD line (blue) remains above the signal line.

Shares priced above US$60,000 would open the door to gains beyond the record high of US$62,000. If purchase orders are triggered due to fear of losing (FOMO), the Bitcoin quote may start the next journey towards US$60,000.

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LTC price advanced very well this week and is now in the resistance region between 199 and 208. Leaving this price range the trend will be easier to advance up to 230 or more.Moving averages are very positive for the continuity of the movement and it may just be a matter of time for the break with the region.

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The Ripple chart struggles to stay above short-term support at US$0.55 after a failed attempt to tap the US$0.6. A downward trend line closed the immediate appreciation on the 4-hour chart. The XRP is varying by US$0.56 at the time of writing.

The bearish moment appears to be under construction as the declines approach US$0.5. Note that the Simple Moving Average of 50 (SMA) is aligned to support and prevent losses of US$0.5 and US$0.45, respectively.

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After confirming the bullish peak, we are now seeing further resistance in the US$320 region for Binance Coin. For now, the BNB currency remains firm and strong in the upward trend.

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