Private aviation with blockchain technology is real! At Jet Token they envisioned for the first time, travelers being able to use one App to book a private jet, a commercial airline ticket, or both, all on the same itinerary. To support the App and membership program, they selected the Best-In-Class HondaJet Elite aircraft for their customers in the United States.

How are they changing private aviation? First, private aviation with blockchain technology* offers to their members an alternative to buy or sell time they might not need if their travel changes. Second, for those who mix private and commercial travel on the same itinerary, they offer their App. Third, by being blockchain payment compatible we cater to the tech-savvy and those who expect merchants to make their payment systems more diversified.

Jet Token offers two membership programs for the HondaJet Elite aircraft. One is the 25-hour Jet Card and other is their Share Ownership solution which starts at 1/5th share of a HondaJet Elite. Both programs offer 365 days per year availability, with only 24 hours’ notice required before you fly. With the Jet Token 25-hour Jet Card, our customers pay one upfront amount and then fly for a fixed hourly rate over the next 12 months. Their members do not pay for flight hours spent ferrying empty aircraft within their service area in the Western United States. Jet Card members enjoy all the benefits including year-round access without the capital commitment.

The Jet Token Share Ownership program starts at 1/5th of a share and includes 75 occupied hours of usage per year during the five-year term. Share programs such as their consist of an initial buy-in and fixed hourly rate for the 75 annual hours flown. Some owners may have tax and operational benefits through this program as well.**

Private aviation with blockchain technology will reduce operational costs for owners, brokers and service providers.

Private aviation with blockchain joins HondaJet Elite aircraft & Jet Token

With a new fleet of HondaJet Elite aircraft, Jet Token customers will never have to sacrifice passenger space for elegant comfort and amenities. We specifically selected this aircraft for our program as no detail was overlooked when Honda Aircraft created the world’s most advanced very light jet.

In addition to being the fastest jet in the category, HondaJet Elite’s roomy cabin features a private lavatory, full-service galley, two-toned executive leather seats, and Wi-Fi. Honda designers meticulously considered every detail of the cabin making it a workspace, a thinking space, a quiet space, and a relaxing space.

The Over-the-Wing Engine Mount allows the HondaJet Elite cabin to extend over a foot farther than the cabins of the competition despite similar overall aircraft length. This additional space translates directly into additional legroom and provides passengers with an unrivaled seat pitch. The aircraft maintains its capacity of up to seven occupants with the addition of a belted lavatory. Its extremely spacious baggage storage and superior comfort at maximum capacity make the HondaJet Elite a continued evolution of mobility in the skies.

Private aviation with blockchain technology
HondaJet Elite Private

HondaJet Elite’s advanced cockpit is designed to enhance every aspect of flight. No detail was overlooked in creating a user-friendly interface. And with the highly customized Garmin G3000® avionics suite, pilots can reduce flight-planning time, enhance situational awareness and safety, and deliver a more enjoyable flight experience to everyone on board. Honda Aircraft has further refined several aerodynamic technologies, enabling the aircraft to fly farther with a range of 1437 NM and with less noise and pollution. This cutting-edge engineering contributes to the high cruising speed and increased fuel efficiency.

In addition to the Jet Token Powered by HondaJet membership programs and blockchain technology, they are developing a revolutionary platform that can be used to combine commercial and private jet travel, worldwide, on one itinerary creating a seamless experience for all travelers. 

The convenient Jet Token App is now available for booking private air travel on iOS and Android devices. Jet Token innovations offer to the customers more freedom and more choice, with safety and transparency being a primary focus. In conclusion, private aviation with blockchain technology gives another step, from a long path to make.


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