Photographers can be a class that can benefit from the new market of NFT´( Non-fungible Tokens ) on the blockchains. The concept of Non-Fungible is something unique, that it is not possible to trade for another. The opposite is fungible. USD or Euros are fungible since you will be able to trade 20 euros banknotes for another banknote with the same value. In the crypto world, you will be able to trade 1 bitcoin for another bitcoin.

On the NFT World, you can acquire digital artwork, music, sports digital goods that can be two types.
a) Unique piece – usually rare with the highest value ;
b) Pieces with limited edition, similar to paintings where you can acquire originals and serigraphy with x number of copies.
c) Collectables: imagine a limited edition or single edition of a collection, similar to music album special editions for collectors with extra bonus tracks or even multimedia cd, special box, etc..etc… 

Each one of these types will have different prices and according to the application ( games, collectors), will have different requirements on the configuration of the functions they will have for the user. For instance, for blockchain games, imagine a game of Formula 1 and you have the NFT of a specific track, you will benefit from other users racing on your NFT track. However, an NFL or Basketball card can be for example the 10 best performances of a specific season. 

Photographers, is there a space for NFT?

In fact, photographers and specially skilled with digital art can sell their work as NFT. Perhaps the main concern is the rights of the picture, however, the blockchain uses the register of the work plus account verification. 

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Creating an NFT only publishes your work and your efforts should be on creating motion and perfect descriptions that people will search on the marketplaces. It is also important the promote your name on the blockchain. That’s a mission that is equal to your offline life professional. You don’t show up your work, don’t promote, the probability to become famous or well known is small and for sure your work with less value.

Where to buy or sell NFT´s ?

Technically any user with a wallet connected to some marketplaces will be able to buy or sell. 

a) Seller side

It is important to be specific on the coin you wish to be paid and some more information required during the creation of the NFT. As a seller you need to think about your offline life, would your NFT be a good product to sell? How much does it worth? ( or in the perspective of the buyer, how much is the value of this NFT ). Creativity and innovation should be present on your NFT ( product ). Consider also to promote it as in offline life in any product or service, otherwise, you will have always the property of it. 

b) Buyer side 

For buyers, the main issues we can say are three things. Value perception, unique NFT, and creativity vs artist value. Besides, the way your buyer can pay for your product, the most common will be for sure ETH (Ethereum).

Which Marketplaces can i buy or sell NFT?


Is perhaps the largest digital marketplace for crypto and collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They include the ERC 721 and ERC1155 assets protocol.

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Also a marketplace with their rewards ( RARI ), however, you can sell or buy NFT or collectibles in Ethereum. It is possible to make the integration with Opensea. Rarible is also easy to work with.

Now, it is time to start. Think first about your name, what to publish, how to publish, create your digital wallet, buy some Ethereum ( you will need it to publish your NFT´s ), and make one by one. You can put it on the market or just save it in your wallet. Success!


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