Lwazi ($Lwazi token) is a cryptocurrency social platform that aims to bring all information about new cryptocurrency projects and maybe help users find the new Gems.

It is an online crypto social community seeking to incorporate accurate and real-time information of listed tokens while instilling a layer of social community platform on top of it. 

It uses BEP20 contract on the Binance Smart Chain and opens multiple possibilities to find new gems in the cryptocurrency world.

So, what is exactly the Lwazi Platform, and how does it work?

The platform combines historical growth information, trading data, and other vital elements relevant to new crypto projects with an existing user communication platform. 

This way, you’ll have all the information (required to make an intelligent investment decision) in a single place only.

The upgrades on the platform include no ads, double voting, and different status upgrades. More improvements are also being designed, such as images, designs, skins, badges, and many more to motivate more micro-payments. 

The more micropayments through the platform, the more volume traded and more rewards to holders, and it will bring the token value up. 

Tokenomics of $LWAZI Token

Since the Cryptocurrency Social Network is powered by Lwazi Token, the tokenomics are as follows:

There is a fifteen percent tax on sells and a ten percent tax on buys. 

From these, a two percent tax is reserved for marketing and one percent for development on both sells and buys. 

On Sells:

Twelve percent of the applied tax goes for BNB rewards. 

On Buys:

Seven percent of the applied tax is transformed in BNB and given to token holders.

The Rewards from holding the $LWAZI token are automatically sent to the holder’s wallet every 24 hours in BNB – part of the tokenomics of the platform. 

However, holders can manually claim their rewards by simply connecting their wallets claim it from their profiles.

The Lwazi Fuel Station

image 18 - Crypto DeFinance

Lwazi takes pride in its community supporting mechanism called the Lwazi Fuel Station. 

It is implemented to burn $LWAZI tokens while offering credit back to the supporters within the community. 

The circulating supply will decrease when the tokens are burned without affecting the market cap, leading to a higher price for every token because fewer tokens will be in circulation. 

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This feature should not be confused with a staking system since all the tokens added to the Fuel Station will be burned. Think of this as a “donation” to the community.

While supporting the community, the names of the supporters will be credited on the Fuel Station page, which you can find here.

What are the Features of the Lwazi Social Platform?

The Social Platform has three key features that you can expect when using it: users, coins/tokens, and boards

Other features are: 

Comment, share, post, and make a custom profile.

All $Lwazi users can comment, share, post, and make a custom profile on the platform. They can connect their wallet and manually claim the rewards, upgrade their account, upvote tokens or coins, and earn badges or rewards.

image 17 - Crypto DeFinance
$Lwazi Account Upgrade System

Weekly and monthly giveaways

The platform arranges weekly and monthly giveaways through an automatic giveaway system. 

To participate and have the possibility to win the giveaways, the user must upvote tokens on the platform, and the rewards will be automatically delivered to the mail if won and if the user is holding $Lwazi tokens. 

Board rooms

Every token and coin on the platform has its official community boards where holders can easily communicate and access timely information. 

Such boards provide all critical data about the tokens and coins, which include:

  • Explorer links
  • Social channels
  • Charts
  • 24-hour chart data
  • Website

Individual pages for cryptocurrency tokens and coins

It’s worth mentioning that it has individual pages for every token and coin that provide more detailed information, which includes full-featured trading view chart systems to facilitate its users and holders to follow a pattern analysis. 

Also, users will find the newest posts and news about the coin on the same page by the respective devs. 

Portfolio tracker

The platform has incorporated both ERC and BEP chains to make an all-inclusive account of a user’s portfolio, amount, and percentage of the total supply. 

The value and holdings are updated in real-time.

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What’s the Future for Lwazi Cryptocurrency Social Network?

One of the platform’s goals is to create the largest crypto-community online by including social media profiles and real-time trading data. 

The platform has already obtained nine big influencers on board, with approximately 13,000 users. Also, the platform currently boasts more than 4,000 holders. 

The Devs behind the social platform know how much energy and time-consuming it is to jump from one website to another and one social platform to another while searching for crucial details on various crypto coins they are planning to invest in. 

On top of that, people often risk being scammed by fake supporters on most platforms, misleading the investors.

It is more convenient and straightforward for a person to have a single platform with all the information they need to collect from different social networks and websites. That is where the project comes into the picture. 

It is revolutionizing the process of collecting information in the cryptocurrency world. 

They combine data such as historical growth of a token, trade data, and other essential aspects relevant to cryptocurrency projects and a natural user communications platform and between with the numerous projects launched each day. 

That way, a user will have all the critical information necessary to make an intelligent investment decision. 

Is the Cryptocurrency Social Network, Legit and Safe?

The project is as safe as any other crypto project. It is an alternative for crypto investors since it eliminates the need to navigate many websites, some of which may be tainted by fraudulent supporters.

One of the platform’s most significant features is that all HODLERS may earn BNB incentives just by holding $Lwazi tokens.

To summarize, if all you want is a site where you can get all the information regarding cryptocurrencies and tokens, Lwazi is the best alternative for you.

As the platform evolves, new features will be available to holders of $LWAZI. 

Useful links of Lwazi Social Network:

Website: https://lwazi.io/
Medium: https://lwaziproject.medium.com/
Whitepaper: https://lwazi.io/whitepaper/lwazi-whitepaper-v1.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lwaziio
Telegram: https://t.me/lwaziio

Lwazi Contract Address: 0x1e6882749471b2491e5592beaac4544be771e68a
(Allways confirm if the address you import is the correct one)


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