Pollen Testnet is introduced by IOTA to work with two Coordicide modules

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IOTA introduced the latest version of the Pollen test network that will work with two Coordicide modules. A few weeks after IOTA introduced Mana on its testnet platform, the blockchain project has improved testing with the launch of a new version of the Pollen testnet.

The new version will be integrated into two Coordicide modules that will serve as a major step towards achieving complete decentralization. In a recent blog, IOTA introduced the latest version of Pollen testnet v0.5.5 introducing some changes to its network. Most of them are concentrated in the Coordicide modules, such as consensus and autopeering.

Pollen Testnet

The FPC protocol is used as part of the consensus mechanism in the Coordicide solution, with the versions failing to provide sufficient protection against Sybil attacks, but the Mana integration will address this. The nodes will be able to form a quorum by selecting nodes to be queried in proportion to their Mana and the post called this “a significant first step in testing our Mana system as a Sybil protection and reputation system in the testnet environment.”

Mana will be employed in autopeering, which will ensure that the network is safe from Eclipse attacks. To provide these threats, the process will allow for the creation of arbitrary nodes, but there will be a limit to how many of them can be established with a certain amount of Mana. This will make it difficult for attackers to produce many high Mana knots. The statement also outlined new steps in the development of the network, including integration with congestion control, dRNG, and Reorg. The blockchain project will introduce Snapshots and timestamp voting before launching Nectar.

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Cartesi / IOTA Partnership

Pollen Testnet

IOTA has partnered with Cartesi as the chain-agnostic layer-2 infrastructure to expand the use cases for Defi, games, and NFTs, but both parties aimed to serve as a bridge between blockchain and traditional technological solutions for both ecosystems, such as:

  • Cartesi Linux Virtual Machine added as a custom VM for IOTA Smart Contracts (ISCP). That will allow developers to create smart contracts with mainstream software components. With greater expressive power and an environment that is familiar to most developers in the world, that will bring about new powerful opportunities in  DeFi, Gaming, NFT’s and more. The Cartesi Linux Virtual Machine will also be a powerful tool for corporate and enterprise adoption for both communities.
  • IOTA Oracles: By integrating IOTA Oracles to Cartesi’s computational oracle, corporate servers and smart devices will be able to check data integrity and provenance and execute verifiable batch processings. That will add even more transparency and security to industrial systems leveraging Cartesi’s blockchain technology and Linux Virtual Machine.
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Headquartered in Germany, the IOTA Foundation is a global non-profit establishment that focuses on the development and research of blockchain solutions.

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