Infinity Combat is the new Play to Earn NFT game launched by Infinity Games NFT, a Brasilian developer pushing the boundaries of the blockchain.

Infinity Games launched on November 23rd, 2021, in Brasil, a single governance token used across all Infinity Games, making it possible to draw players of all sexes and ethnicities to a single location. 

The NFT gaming platform users may benefit from their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) while having tons of fun.

Infinity Game’s developers envision a digital ecosystem filled with a wide variety of games. 

At the same time, the developer’s team is always trying to make new games better and enhance the functionalities of those already on the ecosystem. 

Infinity Combat is the new Play to Earn NFT game launched by Infinity Games NFT, a Brasilian developer pushing the boundaries of the blockchain.

Combat Infinity is the new NFT Play to Earn game addition to Infinity Games’ library.

COMBAT INFINITY, the newest game in Infinity Games’ ecosystem, will be available on December 24th, 2021.

The Infinity Games NFT platform will continue to push the frontiers of blockchain technology with this new game.

At Infinity Combat, you enter a universe that has existed for eternity. It aims to be the first competitive first-person shooter on the Infinity Games Portal.  

Here you may select a champion, recruits military heroes, train military champions, and conquer the missions the game has to offer.

The “Infinity Squad” gathers military heroes from worldwide to serve their mission. 

The aim is to create and train military heroes to be the best of the “Infinity Squad.” Players must conquer and complete training centers and unique assignments and choose from a wide range of weapons to suit their playing style. 

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The player will be able to purchase and customize their character.

Specifications/Gameplay Options:

  • Shooting Booth: This mode is used for player training and progress, with the opportunity to win prizes.
  • Adventure Mode (PVE): To get a monetary reward, the player must accomplish tasks on a random map with diverse challenges.
  • PvP (Combat Mode): The players will be transferred to a random map where they can battle one-on-one and in teams.

There is also a marketplace where users may trade items like champions, skins, and weapons.

Check the gallery below for the characters and weapons that, for now, you can use on the game:

Roadmap of Infinity Combat:

  • Q4 2021: The game’s nfts will be available for purchase. Training Mode is now available;
  • Q1 2022: Release of Adventure Mode (PVE) and Battle Mode (PVP);
  • Q2 2020: Release of the mobile version.

The Infinity Combat will use the Infinity Game NFT Token (IGN), a BEP20 Token that fuels the entire project gaming ecosystem.

NFT Tokens From Infinity Games:

  • Using the IGN token, players will purchase Champions, Weapons, and more in the Marketplace.
  • Each participant must purchase a champion and a weapon to participate in the game.
  • The official White Paper of the IGN may be seen at this link.
  • The moment has come for you to join the ranks of the Infinity Squad’s most elite members.
  • Welcome to the universe of INFINITY COMBAT.

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