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The_Dent was live-streaming the gigantic valorization of the Squid Game Token when the value went to zero, transforming one of the biggest and funny Rug Pulls yet. The_Dent turned the Livestream video into an NFT and put it up for sale on the OpenSea platform.

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DeFi attacks were the cause of loss of more than US$500 Million in related fraud accounts for 54% of the volume of cryptocurrency fraud while 76% of attacks are carried out by external agents. Fraud and cryptocurrency attacks have dropped.

There would be no guarantees that the perpetrator of the attack wiould return all of the stolen funds. The analysis firm SlowMist determined the vulnerability of the DeFi Poly Network that was exploited by the hacker. Now the Poly Network Hacker had returned more than US$256 Million in Cryptocurrency.

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Defi Poly Network Protocol hacked and called on exchanges to “blacklist” the tokens after the attack. Being a protocol that involves several blockchains, the figure could be higher. The US$600 million is one of the worst blows to decentralized finance platforms.

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Smart contracts and a supposed DeFi protocol were used on a DeFi scam which was then dismantled. The SEC ordered them to pay a compensation of USD 12.8 million. The Defi Company was Blockchain Credit Partners and they already returned the stolen money.

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Raees Cajee said the platform Africrypt was hacked and only a fraction of the company’s holdings is missing. Investors had accused the Cajee brothers of disappearing with money from the platform. Now they have reappeared before the press.