Google BigQuery now offers support for Polygon blockchain

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Data from Polygon’s blockchain (MATIC), a second-tier scaling solution from the Ethereum (ETH) network, arrived on the Google BigQuery platform.

Integration with Google BigQuery will allow developers to analyze on-chain data in Polygon in a simpler way, according to an announcement posted on Friday.

With BigQuery support, Polygon’s datasets have been listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace in the category of public financial services and you can search these datasets by just searching for the tag “crypto”. This is part of an effort to make cryptocurrency data available in Google BigQuery through the Google Cloud Public Datasets program.

google bigquery now supports polygon blockchain

The potential benefits of integration include monitoring gas rates and smart contracts and determining the most popular tokens or applications on the network.

Google BigQuery performs information storage and acts as an indexer, allowing for powerful data analysis. This can be done in multiple blockchains, allowing for comparison between networks or tracking of interoperable tokens.

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Polygon said that being able to gain insights from more than 6 million daily transactions on its blockchain “will go a long way towards the growth and construction of the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems.”

The platform recently received an undisclosed investment from billionaire businessman Mark Cuban, as confirmed by Coindesk.

Polygon has recently seen an explosive increase in its demand with explosive price gains.

By staking ETH on the network, it is possible to transmit values ​​quickly and cheaply, something that would be impossible on the main Ethereum network, which is congested with gas fees reaching unviable values ​​for small transactions.

Some possibilities unlocked using Google BigQuery on the Polygon Dataset include the ability to:

  • Monitor gas costs over time
  • Monitor a smart contract’s calls and activity
  • Multi-Chain Analysis for SDKs like the Polygon SDK
  • Integrate with traditional financial record processing systems
  • Determine the most active/popular tokens, contracts, or applications on Polygon
  • Audit groups of transactions
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Blockchain analytics platform Nansen already built a Polygon dashboard that you can check out here.

image Google BigQuery now offers support for Polygon blockchain

Similarly, the Bitcoin Lighting Network, has been gaining adoption over time, as the world’s largest blockchain gains adoption.

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